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Am I a candidate for a forehead lift?


I'm becoming really unhappy about the lines in my forehead. I'm 27 now and this year have noticed them more than ever. People have said for years that I look moody and tired all the time, half the time people ask if I'm stoned as well because of how droopy my eyes are. I'm only 27 and am dreading what it's going to be like when I'm in my 30's! I want to know what the real prices are and the pros and cons of it all so I can start saving.





 Unfortunately, an examination would be required to answer your questions. Consider a consult with a local ASAPS Surgeon in your area to see what would be required to correct your concerns & prices for these procedures. They are experts in Facial Plastic Surgery. Best,


Gary Culbertson, MD, FACS


You really need to be examined by a plastic surgeon to determine the best plan of action.  You are very young for a forehead lift and Botox would possible help at your age.  Good luck.


A number of factors may be contributing to the appearance you describe.  These may include the changes we see generally with facial aging though they usually become prominent a little later in life than age 27.  The drooping of your eyelids may be a condition in and of the eyelids themselves unrelated to your forehead.  A careful evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon would be helpful in making such a determination and recommending the best way for you to proceed. The judicious use of Botox  might provide you with some improvement depending on the exact nature and cause of your problem.  Surgery either to lift your forehead or your eyelids may or may not be recommended. 

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