Am I a candidate for revision surgery


I am 71 years old and had lower eyelid surgery 20 years ago I had a second surgery l/1/2 years ago to fix slight puffiness hat has returned. The doctor did not remove the fat (three doctors have told me so) and I just recently found out this after he injected Kenalog under the eye and made it worse.


 I am sorry to hear about your unfavorable result. May I suggest you obtain a copy of the operative report from your most recent surgery. Also, ask for any pathology reports. Then, take these materials with you for a consult with one of the many members of the ASAPS in your area for second option. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


It is impossible to give any advice without at least a good picture. It sounds as if your problem is relatively complex, as you have already seen three doctors for it. Additionally, I would have to know why you had the Kenalog injected and what the result was. We rarely remove the fat from lower eyelids any more, as doing so causes skeletonization of the orbit. Also, one of the problems with Kenalog is that it can cause fat atrophy, so the more fat you have the better, frequently. If you are not satisfied with the opinions you have thus far received, see a Plastic Surgeon with significant experience in periorbital rejuvenation.

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