In my case, can a breast augmentation and breast lift be done in one procedure or will I need two separate surgeries?


I want to get a breast reduction as well as augmentation.  I hate my breasts as they are between a size 38 DD and a 38 DDD.  I would like to be a perky size  D.  My breasts have no shape and are fatty, (not dense tissue).  I would like to have full and perky breasts, not the misshapen huge and fatty ones that I have.  Do I need two surgeries to achieve this look or can the augmentation and lift be done in one procedure.


Breast reduction and augmentation are opposite procedures. The reduction reduces the size of the breast (and lifts it) whereas the augmentation enlarges the breast. There is never a time when either procedure is done properly that you would combine the two. What you need to go from a DDD to a D with making the breasts perky is a reduction. This is done as one procedure. Make sure the surgeon you see for this is board certified in plastic surgery and has plenty of experience in reductions. If you are told you need two procedures or implants, see someone else.

R.T. Buchanan, MD



The breast reduction alone will lift your nipple and make your breasts perkier. If you truly need a reduction it is very unlikely that you will need implants.

Please see a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and experienced in breast surgery.

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