Will getting cheek implants be a good idea?


I have average cheekbones (full cheeks that are just not defined). Will getting malar implants be a bad idea or would it define my cheek bones without making my face seem awkward?


There are other options available besides cheek implants.  Consider the use of Sculptra and Fat Transfer into the cheeks.  

Jay H. Ross, M.D., FACS
Palm Harbor, FL



A wide variety of facial implants are currently available for the enhancement of the skeletal elements of facial aesthetics. The most commonly used facial implants are used to enhance the profile of the chin and the cheeks. Facial implants very widely not only in shape and style, but also in terms of the materials from which they are fabricated.

My preference is to use structural fat grafting, as much as possible, to enhance facial features. In many cases, the need for a solid implant can be eliminated by the careful and meticulous grafting of a patient's own fat. While the incidence of complications with facial implants is not high, certain problems may develop which require implant removal including infection and implant migration. Bone resorption (bone loss) has also been reported below solid facial implants. Neither of these problems are an issue with structural fat grafting.

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