Would a chemical peel be the correct procedure to get rid of my wrinkles?


I had x-ray treatments for acne in the mid 1960's.  I now have wrinkles which I would like to get rid of.  Would a chemical peel be the correct procedure to eradicate the wrinkles?


The amount of radiation is difficult to calculate 50 years ago.

In general it was usually a low dose. Therefore I think you should consult a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate the skin and the wrinkles and give you sound advice.

In general, light peels have no effect on the wrinkles.  Medium peels require multiple peels, they have a cumulative action.  Deep peels will improve on wrinkles.  Therefore proceed carefully.


One would have to be very careful and conservative with any resurfacing procedures in your circumstances.  Though not quite as effective, more superficial peels and non-ablative fractional laser treatments would be safer than more aggressive modalities.  Deeper peels or more aggressive lasers might result in significant wound healing problems and scarring issues.

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I have found that a CO2 laser resurfacing works much better to help with the texture changes of the skin as well as fine lines.  I now usually use the fractionated one as the recovery is quicker, but the results may not be as beneficial. 

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There are many different options to get rid of wrinkles created from aging and acne scars.  Microdermabrasion is not likely to work; it may create results like a facial from a spa, not long lasting.  Laser resurfacing can be a very powerful technique to get a great improvement.  Some chemical peels such as TCA and ViPeel can create nice results with minimal down time, plus a long lasting outcome.

Given that you have had radiation in the past, you may be at a higher risk for bad scarring from these treatments.  I recommend doing a test spot first to see if your skin responds well to the treatment.


Chemical Peel & Wrinkles – A chemical or TCA peel will be helpful for fine perioral or periocular rhytids, but if they are deep then a laser is more appropriate. I prefer a Dual Mode Erbium Laser.

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