Will a chemical peel help to get rid of acne scars (I had acne since I was 10) now that I am 16 and the acne has decreased?


I have suffered from acne since around the age of 10 and only recently has it started to decrease significantly. I'm now 16 and have some very bad acne scars and an uneven skin tone.  Will a chemical peel help me?


Acne scars can be treated effectively by lasers. The V-Beam Perfecta and the Gentleyag are both excellent lasers for acne scars. However, get your acne under control before working on scarring. The V-beam in conjunction with good skin care and possibly some light peels or microdermabrasion can help with acne and minimal scarring.

Look for a medical spa and laser center owned and operated by a plastic surgeon.

M.M. Law, MD

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