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If I have more children, will my breasts look like they did after breast implant surgery?


If I get breast implants and then have more children, will my breasts look as they did after the breast augmentation surgery or will their appearance change?


Pregnancy and lactation produce large changes in breast tissue.  The expansion due to the volume of milk will stretch the overlying skin.  When you stop nursing or allow the breasts to shrink, your skin will try to shrink-wrap back to where it was prior to your pregnancy.  However, especially after multiple pregnancies, the skin may not shrink as well and you may require a lift or further surgery.  It is very difficult to predict what your skin will do after your pregnancy, but you should not expect everything to go back to what they were prior to becoming pregnant.


A pregnancy causes the breast gland to enlarge, usually quite significantly.  

As a result your breast skin envelope and the supporting breast ligaments will be stretched out even to the point of developing stretch marks which indicate permanent changes to the dermis of the skin.  

Therefore, while your breasts may shrink down to your pre-pregnancy size, they will not be the same.  They will sag and have less fullness in the upper half, and your areolas may be larger as well.  

These changes will occur whether or not you have breast implants.

Discuss these concerns thoroughly with your plastic surgeon.

Fredrick A. Valauri, M.D. F.A.C.S., FACS - View Other Answers by this Doctor
New York, NY


The simple answer is no.  Pregnancy causes many changes in the breasts.  At the end of pregnancy or after completing breast feeding your breasts may return to their pre-pregnancy condition or remain with stretched skin and thus, droop.  Whatever happens, however, would have happened if you had not had the breast augmentation.  Therefore, you get to enjoy your breasts before pregnancy, and are no worse after pregnancy except that you are larger.


Pregnancy is going to change the breasts look with or without breast implants.  A variety of factors will dictate how much change will occur.  For instance, your weight before pregnancy, the amount of weight you gain, your breast cup, a history of cigarette smoking and the number of pregnancies could all have an effect on your breasts with pregnancy and breast implants.

Scottsdale, AZ


With time, pregnancy and weight loss, breasts do change with or without breast implants.  In some patients, these changes may produce breasts that are more pleasing to the patient.  Our out of town patients are usually here for a minimum of a weekend. 

Dr. Ed Domanskis, Newport Beach, CA

Edward J. Domanskis, M.D., FACS - View Other Answers by this Doctor
Newport Beach, CA


Yes, additional children will change the appearance of your breasts, but the amount of change is unpredictable.  If you have already had several pregnancies and breast fed several times, the changes may be less than if your have only had one child.

If you are planning additional children soon, I recommend delaying breast augmentation until you finish.  However it is safe to do otherwise.

Many happy patients have implants before they have children.

By the way, it makes no difference here if you chose saline-filled or silicone gel-filled implants.


Pregnancy, and breast feeding can have profound effect on the shape and volume of the breast.

These changes differ from one person to another. If you get implants and then have children and breast feed there will be changes in the shape size and fullness of the breast. there might be atrophy of the breast as well. Such changes may require surgery to correct,  even if you did ot have implants, and more probable if you have implants. If the idea of having another surgery in the future then you should not have an implant.


Pregnancy after breast augmentation very often causes change in the size and shape of your breasts.  The major concern is that if the breast sag's after pregnancy A revision breast lift may be required.

For this reason I recommended my patients the face to having children before considering breast augmentation..

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