After a circumferential body lift four months ago I've experienced slow wound healing complications - is this normal?


I had a circumferential body lift four months ago and am experiencing slow wound healing complications.  I had an area of tunneling at the incision line, packed daily, healed now.  Not long after, two "new" tunnels appeared, one anterior at the incision line, and one located at the umbilicus.  The tunnel at the umbilicus appeared to have "tissue" starting to protrude out which I've tried to pack back in.  Could this tissue be umbilici?  Is this normal - can it be repaired?


Lower body lifts are very big procedures that stress our healing capacity. Combine this with patients that normally run malnourished and healing can be an issue. At 4 months, usually incisions should be pretty well healed. Reasons to still have issues may include poor nutrition, sutures spitting (some patients react more to sutures), and other medical problems. Things should continue to get better but on occasion minor issues like this can occur. See your surgeon and don't be afraid to ask him/her questions about what you can do to help get you healed. Plastic surgeons who are ASAPS members have expertise and experience dealing with cosmetic surgery.

J. M. Kenkel, MD

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