I had the co2 done with the new alma co2 laser, many problems....


I had the alma co2 laser done at a place I have been going to for many years. A new laser at their office. One of the Drs did the procedure. I was told down time about 1-2 wks, I had many problems, acne, swollen lids that wont go down, broken capillaries, loss of facial fillers which were done 2 mos prior, and they are refusing to do anything to fix these problems, and no improved results.


I recommend that you consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for the problems in healing you are experiencing.

Though CO2 laser technology has been available for a long time, the newer FRACTIONAL CO2 laser has its advantages and disadvantages. Both require expertise in using this powerful technology.

The "broken capillaries" must give some time, it may resolve on its own, The swelling may need some help with oral steroids, but before doing that one need to make sure that you do not have a viral infection. If it is true broken capillaries it can be treated with vascular laser. Loss of filler is a known risk with some lasers.

The fact that the " place you have been to for several years" and still are not responding or attempting to make you happy and cared for is a bad policy that you can not change. But you can change where you get your care.


 I am so sorry to hear bout your unfavorable outcome but, it appears that you did not Do Your Homework before considering such an extensive laser procedure being performed in an office setting. Often a patients skin requires preparation before such a procedure, patients require some form of sedation to avoid severe pain during such a procedure and a critical pathway directed by your surgeon in the post operative period is provided to avoid untoward events and unfavorable outcomes. This does not sound like what was provided in your case so, do not expect the provider to be capable to assist you now. Consider consulting one of the members of the ASAPS regarding your post procedure concerns. They are experts in cutaneous laser surgery. Best,


Gary Culbertson, MD, FACS

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