Should I be concerned with rippling or folds after breast augmentation?


I am 3 years post op with silicone implants under the muscle. In the past couple days I have noticed a place in my left breast cleavage side that when pressed pops in and out and sometimes feels like an edge. When I lay on my back it disappears and the same thing happens when I lay on my left side. It's not visibly noticeable and there is no pain. Should I be concerned? I am thin and had very little breast tissue to begin with 32A and now I am a 34C.


I don't believe this fold is anything to worry about.  In my experience this is just a fold in the implant that you feel through your tissue that is relatively thin in that area.  Maybe you have lost weight recently, and now can feel it, or have lost breast tissue from breast feeding recently?  So when you lay down, there is not any folding of the implant and so it lies flat.  When you stand, there has to be a fold in the implant and that is what you are feeling.  If you had more breast tissue, you would not feel it.  It also means that you do not have a capsular contracture, as you could not feel the fold or ripple if that scar around the implant was tougher.  Just to be sure, go back to your plastic surgeon and get an exam.  Best of luck.

Dan Mills


I would not be concerned.this probably represents a fold in the impalant.I would go to your plastic surgeon and have them evaluate it.


Palpable folding is, unfortunately, one of the things that happens with breast implants in people with thin tissue covering the implant. It is most common inferiorly where the breast tissue over the implant is the thinnest. It also happens more frequently after some contracture of the scar capsule around the implant, thus the appearance at 3 years. You need to do nothing about this unless it becomes much more of a problem, which it seldom does. For your peace of mind and to make sure this is not something else, it is a good idea to return to your plastic surgeon who is familiar with this and other problems in the breasts for an examination.




Thank you for your question. The fold you feel is likely not harmful to you and fortunately is not visible.

I would suggest a follow up visit with your plastic surgeon for an exam and to make sure you are not developing a capsule-which is unlikely but you should be checked.

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