I am a construction worker, is it safe to have a breast lift or augmentation?


I weld, cut with a plasma cutting torch, and I do a lot of heavy lifting. Is it safe to have a breast lift or augmentation?


If you allow yourself enough time to recover before returning to work, there should be no reason why a welder could not have breast surgery. I usually ask my patients not to resume any strenuous activity such a lifting and heavy exercise for four weeks after a breast augmentation and three weeks after a breast lift.

Please seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to consult with.


There is no contraindication to a breast lift or augmentation in someone in your profession. However, certain considerations need to be taken. I would highly recommend subglandular implants and not going under the muscle for a number of reasons. First, with significant use of your arms, there is an increased risk of implant displacement or rupture. The muscle will also thin over time and you could have problems with use of the arms. Additionally, every time you move your arms, your breast will move. This can become uncomfortable and is visible. This choice also allows you to return to work much faster, frequently within a week.



Thank you for your question.  There is certainly no reason that as a construction worker you cannot have breast augmentation.  You just have to give yourself adequate time to recover following your surgery.  If you do very heavy lifting and vigorous upper body activity, I would expect that you will need 3-4 weeks before you can regain full activity.

Be sure to consult a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the ASAPS.


After breast augmentation with implants, you must limit heavy lifting nad heavy work for 3-6 weeks. specially if the implants are under the muscle.

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