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I recently had a consultation with a plastic surgeon regarding breast implants.  I asked him specifically about high profile implants.  He stated that he does not use them because they cause damage to the skin.  Is this true?


I'm not sure why your plastic surgeon would say that high profile implants would damage the skin unless he/she felt they were the wrong choice for your particular anatomy.  There are low, moderate and high profile implants that allow us to place a given volume of implant into a given base width of breast tissue.  You may revisit the question with your plastic surgeon or seek another consultation.

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No, high profile breast implants do not damage the skin.  Your plastic surgeon may have indicated that they were not the appropriate choice for your anatomy, or to achieve the result that you desire.

I suggest you return to your plastic surgeon to discuss his recommendations and be sure that you have a good understanding of the risks, goals, and alternatives of your breast implant options.

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We must remember that all breast implants are - implants!  They will never truly become part of your body.  When an implant is placed in the breast it is well known that, over time, it causes thinning of the breast tissue and stretching of the skin.  These are deleterious effects that occur in every breast augmentation.  The bigger the implant, the more likely this is to occur.  In fact, implants larger than 350 cc cause a speedier form of this and can lead to higher risks of revision and complications.  A recent article published in the white journal, discussed high profile breast implants and tissue thinning, and could be the source of influence for your surgeon.  However, the authors of the article admit at the outset of their write-up, that scientifically valid controlled studies largely do not exist for this topic.  Most of the findings of the article are based on clinical observations, and until clinical studies can validate these findings, recommendations for breast implants should continue using current principles - many of which, by the way, have been advanced by the very same surgeon who wrote that recent article.  I recommend you consult with at least two other board certified plastic surgeons and then decide whether breast augmentation is for you.

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High profile implants do not hurt the skin.  They are not for everyone but in the right patient are very good implants.  Profile should be chosen by your plastic surgeon to fit your breast.  For more information please refer to our site at


Implants that are placed below the pectoralis muscle will not exert the same stretch as an implant placed behind the breast skin and breast tissue, atop the muscle.  High profile implants can increase projection and upper fullness at a comparable volume, with smaller implant widths, when comparing to mid or low profile implants.  Additionally, the thickness of your breast envelope must also be taken into account when selecting the type and dimensions of an implant.  An in office consultation and examination is the best way to determine which profile you are best suited for.

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High profile implants, of a reasonable size relative to the patient's soft tissue, are an acceptable choice in a patient with a narrow chest/narrow breast base.  As long as the size is reasonable, one would not expect any compromise of the skin.


Before commenting on the pros and cons of high-profile implants, we should back up and discuss the process for choosing the type of implant. The first step is to determine what volume is desired and most appropriate; the implant type that matches the base diameter of the breast is then determined.  Depending on the size of the implant and the patient's measurements, this could be either high, moderate, or low profile. There are some plastic surgeons who believe that high profile implants put too much stretch on the skin which can cause long-term problems, but this is not always the case and I have had very few problems with HP implants.

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If the implant used is excessive in size, regardless of profile, it can certainly stretch out and damage the tissues.  The key is to match the implant size to the patient's frame and tissues, and not to go excessively large.  About 20% of our patients like the high profile shape, as it gives more fullness in the upper portion of the breast.  


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I individualize with all my patients and use what they prefer. If they want a narrower more projection, I use a high profile implant. I am offering a temporary all inclusive price of $4999 for a breast enlargement. You would need to be in the area a minimum of a weekend. Watch my videos/website( Dr. Ed Domanskis Newport Beach,Ca

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High profile breast implants will not damage the breast skin if properly performed and without complications.  However high profile implants have a narrower base than moderate profile plus breast implants and in some patients can look unnaturally narrow.  However the decision for high profile implants will likely be based on the base width of your breast and which type and style of implant best fits your chest and breast measurements.  I suggest you consult another plastic surgeon for an examination and opinion.

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