What can be done to correct canthopexy when part of my lower eyelid is hanging open?


I had bilateral canthopexies 4 weeks ago. For one eye, the eyelid is gapping open and the other eye doesn't look any different. The plastic surgeon will do some kind of procedure on the eye that is hanging open on August 1. What could cause this? He says it is scar tissue. Have you seen this before? How can it be corrected? This has devastated me and I am not presentable. Am wearing sunglasses all the time.



Ectropion after Canthopexy

Canthopexy is usually done at the time of lower blepharoplasty to stabilize the lower lid when there is minimal to only moderate laxity of the lid. An eyelid "gaping open" after surgery sounds like a problem after a blepharoplasty where the lid was not tightened and secured adequately or a suture came loose. The usual treatment for this is a canthoplasty, where the lid is divided, shortened and secured to the bone at the side of the eye.Usually you need to wait until all the swelling has resolved which may take more than 4 weeks. In the meantime, you need to keep the eyelid supported to prevent permanent scarring that will require other procedures to correct. This can be done with flesh colored tape holding the lid up and close to the eyeball. Make sure whomever you are seeing has significant experience in treating the eyelids.


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