How to correct deflated breast after childbirth?


I don't want bigger boobs. With deflation I am still a 30 DD. I just want the loose skin gone. What is a good solution?


A breast lift will accomplish what you want. The nipple areola will be positioned in the proper position and the skin envelope will be reduced and tailored to fit the lifted breast.


Deflated breasts when the breast size is adequate are treated with a breast lift or mastopexy. This procedure repositions the breast tissue and nipple/areola and removes the excess skin to tighten it around the reformed breast. This sits the breasts up and makes them perky again. The scars are usually minimal for the correction achieved. Make sure whomever you see has significant experience in this procedure.


Breast Deflation After Having Children – After several pregnancies and/or breast feeding the optimal procedure is to do re-shaping either by a mastopexy or a breast augmentation/mastopexy if one wants to restore superior fullness.


Post Partum atrophy (getting smaller with less fullness on the top) of the breast with or with out ptosis of the breast (drooping) are very common with pregnancy. The solution for lack of fullness is a breast implant or fat grafting and the solution for drooping is a breast lift (mastopexy) or a combination of both if necessary. Check with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to see what would be best for you. 



An unavoidable consequence of aging is the loss of elasticity, or tone, in skin and soft tissues. This process, which may be compounded by changes, which occur during and after pregnancy, will ultimately lead to 'drooping' of the breasts. A variety of surgical breast surgery techniques can be used for restoring the breasts to a more youthful position and shape. The goal is to both relocate the nipples to a higher position, and to restore breast projection (and to maintain projection for the long term).

Having a breast lift operation involves making a decision to trade an improved breast shape and contour for some (well-placed and concealed) surgical scars on the breast. For the Raleigh breast lift patient who is displeased that her nipples are downpointing, it may be a relatively easy decision. The surgical incisions are strategically placed to be as minimally noticeable as is possible. One component is around the areola, which is usually well concealed by the color difference between breast skin and areolar skin. The second component extends vertically from the '6 o'clock' position of the areola to the fold below the breast, and as the majority of this scar faces downward, it is usually quite acceptable.

Traditionally, breast lift or mastopexy surgery has involved a long, horizontal incision below the breast (in addition to the circumareolar and vertical scars), but a relatively new technique allows elimination of this incision completely.

The ‘vertical scar’ breast lift

For several years I have been using a 'vertical scar' technique for most breast reductions, which eliminates the long, horizontal incision in the inframammary fold below the breasts. I have also adapted this technique for breast lift surgery, and have been extremely pleased with the results. As with breast reduction patients, this new technique not only eliminates the horizontal incision, but also creates more impressive breast projection and maintains it better over time. The breast lift procedure I perform not only removes breast skin but also moves some lower pole breast tissue to a higher position, increasing the projection of the nipple/areola area.

Breast lift surgery works well for patients with enough existing breast tissue to build a projecting 'breast mound'. However, in most breast lift Raleigh / Durham patients it is difficult to create sustainable fullness in the upper poles of the breasts by means of a mastopexy alone. This is particularly true in patients who have experienced significant deflation following pregnancy and lactation. For patients who indicate that they wish to achieve a fair amount of fullness in the cleavage area as a result of their breast lift surgery, I recommend that they undergo augmentation mastopexy. This surgery combines a breast lift with the placement of a breast implant usually of modest size, which produces the most youthful breast profile possible.



A breast lift or dermal mastopexy will remove loose skin and improve nipple position. With DD cup breasts you should have enough breast tissue to not require and implant.

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