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How do I know which is correct for me?


I have lost 140 lbs. and currently weigh 155 lbs. (5'6). I have been discussing removal of excess skin (tummy tuck) and a breast lift and augmentation with multiple surgeons. I am very confused on the need for a vertical incision as I have varying opinions. 1) vertical from pelvic to breast bone 2) no need 3) vertical pelvic to belly button. How do I know which is correct for me? These are all certified and highly recommended Drs.


Whether you need a vertical incision with a tummy tuck after massive weight loss depends on how much excess skin you have in the horizontal direction above the umbilicus. If there is a possibility that the upper abdominal skin will fit well, I usually try not to use a vertical incision. You sound as if you may be borderline. However, if there is already a midline incision, I usually remove it and take out an upside down "V" closing the incision trying to improve the scar. Since you say all the surgeons are highly recommended, I would choose the one who made the best case for what they proposed and who you relate to best.

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