What can be done to correct nightmare results from having Silicone injected in my face?


I had Silicone injections in my face in South America.  It is five years later and I now have Granulomas inside my face.  I've been to 7 doctors and none have given me a solution other than to give me Prednisone which only helps take down some of the swelling.  My face was naturally pretty before but now I look like a monster.  What can I do to correct this? 


I am so sorry that you ever consented to such a procedure. I do not have good news. Silicone will most likely continue to form granulomas/scars and possibly migrate along the lymphatic system unless it is completely excised.


Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


I have encountered silicone injections into the face. The surgery is very difficult to perform. The granulomas are impossible to remove completely. Some of the silicone can be removed, but the granulomas engulf the nerves and vessels. The surgery essentially is to remove the silicone that can be taken out safely and to lift the tissue back to where it belongs.

S.F. Shureih, MD

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