How much would it cost to get an eyelid lift surgery?


I wanted to get my eyelids lifted because I hate the way they look. Money is an issue so I would like to get a rough estimate on how much it would cost.


It will depend on the kind of plastic surgeon that you choose, who must be an ASAPS member, and if it's also an oculoplastic surgeon. Here in the Dominican Republic costs around 2 K


Cost for a blepharoplasty will vary by location, by surgeon and if you choose local anesthesia or general anesthesia.  I do nearly all my upper blepharoplasties under local anesthesia ( some with sedation, too) to save my patients the cost of the anesthesiologist and general anesthesia.  Patients are very comfortable with this method.  It usually takes about 1 hour for everything, from check in to check out.  Cost is $2200.

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