How much does it cost for liposuction of the stomach and a tummy tuck?


I lost a hundred pounds and I'm now at 198 and been working out and eating healthy. I just cant seem to lose the last 20 pounds.  I have a saggy stomach and would like to have liposuction and a tummy tuck and would love to know what it would cost. Thank you.


Dear Shina,

The cost will differ depending on many things the most important of which would be the state or country you are doing the procedure in. I practice in Beirut and typically those 2 procedures combined should be in the range of 10K USD inclusive of hospital stay, preoperative blood tests and professional fees.  I would highly advise you to do these procedures with a certified plastic surgeon who is an ASAPS member.


Shady Hayek, M.D.

Shady Hayek, M.D.

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