How much will it cost to be reduced 1 cup size in one breast?


I have breast asymmetry. Not one bra I wear ever fits me right. I buy 36DD and 36D, but its either too big or too small. My right breast is always bursting out of the sides of my bra when I wear a D cup, even sometimes when I'm wearing a DD. My left breast fits perfect into a 34D. So my question is how much will it cost me to have just my right breast reduced from its size, approximately around a size 36DD, to a size 34 D?


 Breast asymmetry is very common in large breasted women. In our practice over 85% of women seeking a breast reduction have breast asymmetry of greater than one cup size. The approximate cost for a unilateral breast lift or reduction is approximately $5,000 in our area. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Breast asymmetry occurs in almost all women in some aspect (shape, size, position, etc).  The cost to reduce just one breast will likely vary from one area of the country to another and from one surgeon to another.  The cost in my area is approximately $4000.  You should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon/ASAPS member.

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