Is an A cup or just quite smaller breasts possible with a breast reduction?


I am wondering if it is feasible to get a breast reduction to a very small size. I am a D cup or maybe a bit bigger and I want to be able to be physically active in a way I can’t be now. I have had overly large breasts since puberty and I never had small perky breasts. I want to be small and perky, not sag, and I want to be able to hike and climb without my breasts getting in the way. Is an A cup or just a significantly smaller  possible?


I can understand your frustrations from the weight and discomfort your breasts have caused you, however, moving to other other side of the curve will create another problem for you. In addition, a major concern in breast reduction is viability of the skin flaps created in addition to leaving enough gland with good connections to the nipple to preserve the function of lactation. I would highly recommend that first you don't deal with this matter in an emotional or impulsive way, and second to consult with an ASAPS member who can help you find a size for you that can be comfortable yet can be achieved in a safe way.

Best of luck,

Shady Hayek, M.D.

Shady Hayek, M.D.

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