Damaged skin from lasers


I had laser resurfacing for acne scars resulted in pigmentation so doctor then treated me with another laser IPL. Months later I got 2 treatments made my skin worse. My face now is damaged my forehead is dry dull with a lot of fine lines across it.  Is this normal why is my skin with fine lines its been 5 months they don't go away. I  moisturize all day. I need help? thank you


I am sorry to hear you are having problems following your laser resurfacing. Without seeing you it is always hard to know exactly what is going on. Pigmentation following and skin treatment can occur and is more common in patients who are a bit darker in skin color.  We often pretreat patients who are at risk for pigmentation with a bleaching agent.

Depending on what laser was used, it may result in different outcomes. It shouldn't cause your skin to be dry and have lines however. It would be important to know what skin care products you are using including what cleanser and sunblock.  I would suggest seeing an ASAPS member who can assess your skin possibly with their aesthetician and see if they can turn things around for you.  




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