Is darker skin normal after fat transfer?


I had upper/lower eyelid surgery with fat transfer on May 24. Everything seems to be going well except I notice some darker skin under my lower eyes that I have had to put a thin layer of makeup over to look normal. I am a man 66 years old. My next appointment is July 1. Is this a normal issue as my skin heals?


 Yes, this can be normal in the peri-occular area. Often this discoloration or angioedma will resolve with some time. Consider addressing your concern with your surgeon at your next visit. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Discolored Skin after Blepharoplasty

​Yes, darkened skin for a while is normal after eyelid surgery. The skin is very thin and any residual bruising tends to show through the skin. Additionally, the bruising and swelling tends to last longer in this area. It has only been about 6 weeks since your surgery, and the bruising and swelling sometimes lasts several months. It eventually usually resolves.

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