Four days after having facial fat injections, I now have swelling and bruises all over my face - what can I do?


I had fat injections in the face four days ago.  I now have swelling and bruises all over my face making me look abnormal.  What should I do?


First of all the face has tremendous blood supply and lymphatic drainage so it will heal. Frozen vegetables are great ice packs so you can relax and use those while you are at home. There is also make up that can be used to camouflage these areas. Give your Plastic Surgeon a call. They will be able to address your concerns.

R. Whitfield, MD


It is totally normal to have swelling and bruising after facial fat injections. Ice compresses are helpful, mostly during the first 48 hours following the procedure. It is also a good idea to keep your head elevated, sleeping on 2 or 3 pillows for the first week or so after the procedure. Lastly, it may be helpful to apply topical Arnica Montana in the form of a cream or a gel until the bruises are resolved.

P. Brosen, MD

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Structural fat grafting is a powerful tool for correcting one of the primary processes of facial aging: the gradual loss of facial soft tissue volume, which primarily represents the atrophy of facial fatty tissue. The importance of restoring facial fullness cannot be emphasized enough, for without it, very few facial cosmetic surgical procedures are truly rejuvenating. As we age the skeletal features of the face become more obvious, and create subtle visual clues that tell the observer 'this is an older person'. Fat atrophy is often very obvious when it appears as hollowness in the temple area and as flattening of formerly full cheeks, but can also exist as more subtle changes that still convey an appearance of advancing age, such as the development of a hollow in the space between the upper lid and eyebrow, or as indentations in a formerly smooth and gently curving jawline.

Follow all of the instructions provided by your plastic surgeon. In my practice we provide a homeopathic remedy including Arnica Montana  to help reduce swelling and bruising. Lymphatic drainage can also be helpful. The recovery period is temporary. With expertly administered fat grafting your results should be very natural looking and beautiful

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