What would be the cause of developing weeping blisters near by incision four days after having a brow lift?


On day two of my brow lift I began showing pin size blisters near one of my incisions.  Now on day four they are bigger and are beginning to weep. The nurse told me she has never seen anything like this before. I've been told to keep Vaseline on it.  Do I have the beginning signs of necrosis?


You should see your surgeon ASAP. The blisters could be viral infection, allergic reaction, or local wound problems. Vascular compromise is rare but is possible. That is why proper follow up should be with your surgeon when the nurse cannot explain the situation.

S. F. Shureih


Ask to see your surgeon regarding your condition. It is probably OK, but an evaluation by a physician is warranted.


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Blistering is not a usual occurrence following brow lift surgery. There are a number of causes including edema (swelling) blisters, viral infection and superficial epidermolysis (loss of the top layer or skin). In any case, you should be evaluated by your surgeon to make sure everything is all right.

T. C. Case, MD

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