What is the difference between an endotine mid facelift and a regular mid facelift?


I have consulted with a plastic surgeon who says I am a candidate for an endotine mid facelift.  I would like to know the pros and cons that have been experienced by physicians who have used this technique.  Is there an unusual amount of swelling (as reported by people on the internet)?


 Mid-Facelift Methodology.

The Endotine Mid-Facelift is one of several similar methods to elevate the malar (cheek) area. Although I prefer elevating this area another way, the Endotine  and similar methods work excellently in the right patient.  All of them have some swelling that can be significant in some people.  Your best bet is to discuss the pros and cons with the surgeon whom you have already consulted.  Also, make sure he/she is experienced with this method, as it requires significant expertise.


You need to know exactly what is the method of the mid face lifting being proposed.

There is the percutaneous endotine lift. This method involves the use of a barbed suture inserted through the cheek fat with a needle and the cheek is lifted.  The holding power are the barbs.  This method has some problems - longevity of results, infection of the barbed thread, and extrusion of the barbed thread.

The other method is to make the face lift incision in front of the ear, as in regular face lifts, but the thread used for lifting is an endotine thread, and then proceed with the surgery.

Consult another board certified plastic surgeon (AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY) for complete examination and discussion of your expectations and the appropriate method to achieve your desires and goals.


Endotine is a device that allows for the tissue to be anchored in a higher position to create the "lift" effect of the surgery.  There are a variety of products made for the forehead, face and platysma (neck).  The same can be accomplished with suture and other devices.  Some plastic surgeons prefer these devices for convenience and time savings.  The results are comparable to traditional techniques (suture). 

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Endotine mid-facelift is accomplished by using an absorbable holding device that acts to keep the position of the suspended cheek tissues with small spikes.  There may be more swelling with this technique in some patients, but swelling also varies from patient to patient even when the same devices or techniques are used.  

This is simply one of several ways to suspend the cheek tissues during the performance of a mid-facelift.

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