What is the difference between a ultherapy and Y-life?


I am 50 years old and I am noticing sagging from my check bone and lines starting to form between my nose and lips. I do not need a surgical facelift but need help to slow or correct the sagging trend - so I am looking into best options.  I was also looking at filler injections - so really want to understand the different of each treatment.


Ultherapy is a FDA-approved technology for noninvasive skin lifting using focused ultrasound in a single session. In my experience it is best for patients in your age group. Combination treatment with fillers often enhances the results, since they add volume while Ultherapy lifts. I have never heard of Y-life.

Richard A. Baxter, M.D.
Mountlake Terrace, WA


Ultherapy makes use of ultrasound energy, delivered through a hand held device and focused beneath the skin, to tighten the skins collagen and theoretically lift and tighten the tissues.  Visible results, from what I have seen, are minimum to modest, however if volume is added to appropriate areas of the face this may give an acceptable rejuvenation of the face.  This would not have the power of a surgical facelift but may help to keep a more youthful appearance for several years.  If by Y-Life you actually meant a Y-Lift, this is essentially volume filling (with some filling agent) of selected areas of the face to re-inflate the areas which have lost volume and therefore restore  youthful fullness and contours.  It is presented as a non surgical approach to facial rejuvenation with no downtime  This approach has limitations in that if there is loose skin, platysmal bands, etc these must be dealt with by some form of surgical tightening such as a mini facelift, short scar facelift or full facelift.  Combining the skin lifting and volume restoration can give a powerful rejuvenation result.

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