Is it more difficult to recover from a tummy tuck to be done now than from a breast reduction (performed five years ago)?


I had a breast reduction five years ago with an easy recovery.  I am now scheduled for a tummy tuck and was wondering if I can expect the same type of recovery or will it be worse. I guess what I am asking - is it harder to recover from a tummy tuck vs a breast reduction?


I think tummy tucks can be more challenging than many of the procedures we do in plastic surgery. A breast reduction, in my experience, is a fairly quick recovery with most patients transitioning off pain medicine in the first week. A tummy tuck is more invasive and requires more recovery and time to get back to normal activities. It involves some of the core muscles which slow your recovery. If you have any questions see your board certified plastic surgeon who is an ASAPS member.

J. M. Kenkel, MD

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