Will I be disappointed if I remove my implants?


I am 5'1, 110 lbs and a 31 in. ribcage. I got a breast lift with 240mp implants. I have regretted the implants feeling that they are too big and make me look fat. I explained that I was not as concerned with size as I was upper pole fullness. My bust has increased 2 in. measuring 37". I want to know if the lift alone could have given that much more projection and the implant is truly just in the upper pole. If I take them out will most likely still have all that projection?


Dear Jennifer,

There is a difference between projection and upper pole fullness. If you remove the implants now you will sure loose projection, however, with a good lift, the superior pole fullness should be restored. This will come at the expenses of having smaller breasts and having to undergo another surgery. Another option would be to go for a smaller implant if you are just bothered by the size of the implant and not be the mere presence of the implant in your body. Please consult back with your surgeon and if you are not convinced seek an ASAPS member for a detailed  consultation for your problem.


Shady Hayek, M.D.

Shady Hayek, M.D.


Hello Jennifer

If the only surgery you have is to remove your implants, then you will be 240 cc's smaller in cup size, (approximately 1 cup size).  The implant you have now also has a certain number of cms of projection, and you would lose that projection as well.  Any superior pole fullness which you have from the implant would also be gone.  Breast lifts do not give permanent upper pole fullness due to settling of the breast tissue, although the projection of the nipple can be improved.  If you have regretted getting the implants, the simplest thing to do is have them removed.  This would allow you to evaluate the shape and contour of your native breast tissue and to decide if you wished any changes to be made.  Get a few consultations with  ASAPS members so you can fully understand your options.

 Good luck!


Jeffrey Darrow  MD



Thank you for your question. Most patients who have breast lift in my practice also have breast implants. Although breast lift improves nipple areola position and projection, breast fullness and firmness is rarely improved enough by breast lift alone unless the breasts are very large before breast lift. The other issue is whether your implants have stretched the overlying breast skin, and if the implants are removed there may be some laxity or looseness of the breast skin.

Please see your surgeon and discuss your concerns. Perhaps your implants have not yet achieved their final position which fills the lower pole and lessens upper pole fullness. Sometimes a minor revision can reduce upper pole fullness.

Dr. Seckel


I'm sorry, but I don't think that 240 cc is big for you. Of course you will loose the upper pole fullness and  AP projection, you won't have enough tissue to get an upper pole fullness with a Mastopexy by itself. Please wait until the edhema diassappear, it takes time.


No one can predict whether you would be disappointed with implant removal, but the reasons you had them were appropriate; it is very difficult to maintain projection and upper pole fullness of the breast long-term without implants regardless of the technique used for lifting. There are some products in early use now for creating an internal bra, but no long term data on those yet either. Sometimes fat grafting to the upper pole can help.

Richard A. Baxter, M.D. - View Other Answers by this Doctor
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