Draining Hematoma 20 days after breast lift, will this compromise the incision?


I had a breast lift (no augmentation) & developed a hematoma 2 weeks after the surgery. An ultrasound revealed 21cc of blood in one breast. My plastic surgeon said to let the hematoma resolve itself. However, yesterday I noticed that the breast is slowly draining drops of blood at the the incision. My plastic surgeon said to apply Neosporin and apply gauze to area till the bleeding stops. Is this ok & will this compromise the incision?


 Everything sounds OK. Consider fallowing your surgeons advise and be a bit more patient. You appear to headed in the correct direction. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


It is reasonable to let a small hematoma resolve as long as it is contained deep. Your situation now has changed since it is no longer contained and is draining. The risk is that the hematoma, which is now open to the outside, will become infected. I would see your plastic surgeon immediately so that he/she can evaluate you directly and take whatever measures are appropriate. 


If you did not have an implant placed it is best that this small hematoma drain. The body will absorb small hematomas without much problem but I would recommend you follow your plastic surgeon's instructions and make all of your appointments. I hope this helps

Dr. Edwards

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