I have what I think is called pixie ear, my earlobes are attached to my cheek/jaw,...


I have what I think is called pixie ear, my earlobes are attached to my cheek/jaw, and I would like to know what is involved to give me a normal shaped earlobe.


 A “Pixie Ear” is present when the earlobe is not clearly defined and seems to originate from the angle of the jawline.  It can occur naturally as a normal variant, but is more commonly seen as an untoward result of a face lift procedure.  This can occur if the surgeon did not accurately predict how much contracture (shrinkage) would occur with the cheek skin, and set the earlobe position low.  It can be directly corrected by releasing the earlobe, closing the defect where it was attached, and then repositioning the earlobe in a higher position.  This repair results in a visible scar running down from the ear, and is not optimum.  The best repair is performed by advancing the cheek skin towards the ear, and securing the earlobe in the correct position.  This repair is effectively a facelift, so it can only be performed if enough skin laxity is present.  In most patients with congenital pixie ears, there is enough skin laxity to proceed with a facelift.  However, if the pixie ear is the result of a recent facelift, it is unlikely that enough skin laxity is present to allow for a repeat procedure and some time (5 years or so) will need to pass before a revision can be entertained.  The best way to assess your situation is to consult with an ASAPS member surgeon who performs facelift procedures and discuss your goals.

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