Do I have early necrosis after a tummy tuck?


I had a Tummy Tuck 10 days ago and noticed in the last couple of days the area under my incision is a gray color. I have a couple blisters both above and below where the tape was pulling on my skin (Plastic surgeon removed it because of this 7 days post op and my incision has been uncovered since). I have not noticed any discharge and these blisters are hard. Additionally where my thighs meet my tummy incision, not only is the area gray, it is dry and peeling. Should I be concerned? Is this the beginning of necrosis?


 Please address your concerns with the Surgeon who performed your Tummy Tuck. Some minor brusing is common. Blistering can be an early sign of impending skin loss. 



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


It is very difficult to say if you have necrosis without an exam or a picture.  It is not uncommon to have slow healing with a tummy tuck and some times necrosis can occur.  You plastic surgeon is can explain your situation and treat the issue.  You should see him sooner than later.  


The findings you are describing are subtle.  It's certainly possible that you may have some necrosis.  If your doctor evaluated it at the time of steri-strip removal, I would ask that specific question to him.  Depending on the complexion of the skin, a slight bruise can make the overlying skin appear gray as well.

Your plastic surgeon is probably the best resource to help you resolve this question, and in case that you do have necrosis, to help you manage it and prevent it from getting worse, and get a good outcome from the procedure.

Bottom line -- this is an important concern that you have and you should promptly address it with your plastic surgeon, or if you have feel that your concerns are not being adequately addressed,  seek a second opinion.   

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