What is more effective tickle lipo vs. laser lipo?


What is recommended between tickle lipo and laser lipo? Articles state both have a fast recovery time. But which is more effective???


Liposuction is Liposuction. It is not the machine but the surgeon that makes the difference between what outcome you can expect. The only place some machines have any advantage is in very dense tissue like on the back and in Gynecomastia. Even standard Liposuction, when done properly, has a very rapid recovery, frequently less than 24 hours. Many non Plastic Surgeons have started using various Liposuction machines after a one day training since the company making the machine is marketing it extensively. This does not mean they know how to perform the procedure. Ask for credentials and how many Liposuction procedures the physician has done, how long he/she has been doing them and their training. Only agree to the procedure if the physician has extensive experience and can show you excellent results. This is a procedure that takes a long time to learn how to do properly and has a number of potentially deadly problems if not done by an expert.



 Both Tickle and Laser Lipo are adjuvants or assistants to Liposuction. Tickle Lipo allegedly utilizes low frequency acoustic INFRASONIC vibrations to assist in the break up of fat at the time of Liposuction. Laser Liposuction utilizes a Laser in a similar fashion. Both make claims to improve patient recovery and decrease the pain of the procedure. There are also devices that irrigate, utilize ultrasound and even heat up the skin that can be utilized as adjuvants or assistants to Liposuction. May I suggest you consider a consult with one of the many members of the ASAPS to determine which Liposuction technique would be most appropriate in your case. They are experts at Body Contouring procedures like Liposuction. Best,



Gary R Culbertson,MD, FACS

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