What are the effects of rhinoplasty surgery?


For some time I've been thinking of getting rid of the bump on my nose. It has always bothered me as it makes my face unattractive from the side view which destroys my confidence.  I do however have a few questions.  Will my nose be weaker after the surgery or exactly as strong as it was?  Will I need to have more surgery after the first one to keep my nose in shape.  Is there anything I should be concerned about if  rhinoplasty can do harm to my nose?


As much as any plastic surgery, rhinoplasty is surgeon-skill-dependent. You need to find a surgeon whom you trust and whose results with nose shapes like yours you like.

As a rule, rhinoplasty should not weaken your nose, even if you have well-done septal surgery at the same time. Once it is healed, your nose will be able to withstand life well - but of course not trauma that could injure it now.

The chances of revision depend on what your nose looks like now - some shapes are more difficult to correct than others - and on what your surgical goals are (how you would like your nose to look). Because you have not had surgery and still have your septum, your revision rate should certainty be less that 8%. If your nose is also symmetrical (not crooked to one side), it would be less than 5% in my experience.

You are wise to take the decision seriously. Decide what you want to accomplish and find a capable and compassionate surgeon and you will be pleased.

M.B. Constantian, MD

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