Excess skin nightmare!!


In the past 6 yrs I have lost 60lbs & then gained 30 lbs. I'm at a stable weight now. Prior to my big weight loss I had a great plump & toned butt. Now I have a complete pancake butt with a ton of excess skin. The plastic surgeons I've seen have all told me that I do not have enough fat anywhere on my body to transfer to my butt. I am, however, getting a breast augmentation in January. Is there a procedure that I can get that will fix my stomach & butt issues at the same time?


Yes, some practioners will perform Abdominoplasty's or Tummy Tucks with Fat Grafting to the Buttock &/ or Buttock Implants. However, this is going to be rather expensive. May I suggest you consider a consult with one of the many members of the ASAPS to address you issues and concerns. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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