What can I expect having 500cc silicone implants removed with no replacement?


I am 26 years old.  Two and a half years ago I had 500 cc silicone implants inserted through the nipple.  Pre-implants, I was size 32 C.  I haven't had any complications with them but lately I've noticed that the muscle hurts and I am limited as to how much weight I can lift, etc.  I want to get them removed but I am afraid of what my breasts will look like afterwards.  I do not want to replace them.  What are my options -and what can I expect?


When breast implants are removed, the skin generally does not shrink. Therefore, what results is ptosis or droop of the breasts, especially after removing an implant as large as 400 cc. Occasionally, you can achieve a reasonable looking breast by just removing the breast implant, but usually you will need a breast lift to achieve a normal looking breast after the removal.

R. T. Buchanan, MD


You are young and your tissues should retract well. However 500cc breast implants are very large and may have stretched your breasts to a degree that may require a lift. Best to wait 6-12 months after removal to decide if you want a lift or possibly a smaller implant.


500 cc silicone implants are on the upper range of large. You also had relatively larger breast pre implants with a 32 C. This suggests that you will have some degree of ptosis, drooping, of your breast. It would however require a consultation and a physical exam to determine what would be the best course for you. You probably would do well with just the removal of your implants and with out further surgery if you are willing to accept some drooping of your breast. If you want to have the implants out and have perky breast you probably would do best with a breast lift at the time of your implant removal. The final decision should be made by you after a consultation and physical exam by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. 

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