Will I need extra surgery after having my implants taken out?


I was a very small A cup and had breast implants (400 cc: small D in VS bras) put in at the age of 21. It has been seven years now and I want to either have them removed or have them replaced for a smaller size (to a small B cup).  I would really like to have them taken out for good but I am not sure about the results.  Do you foresee me needing corrective surgery or will I be okay after healing time?


Salon devices can be deflated in the office. This allows the skin and remaining tissue to shrink down prior to removal. You then would have multiple options - smaller implants with or without a lift. You could also have breast aebyaion with fat graft. There are several plastic surgeons involved in the study of external tissue expansion with a device, BRAVA, followed by using liposuction to remove fat that can be processed and then injected into the area that needs to be enlarged.

R. Whitfield, MD


When implants as large as 400 ccs are removed from previously small breasts, you will almost always need a lift. This is true also if you replace the implant with significantly smaller implants.

R.T. Buchanan, MD


Removal of breast implants may result in excess loose skin, much as women may have loose skin following pregnancy and lactation. This is more likely if your skin was stretched significantly by the augmentation, if you developed stretch marks, if your current skin is lax, or you are post-menopausal. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to predict the likelihood of cosmetic problems following your implant removal. In my experience, if there is no compelling reason to anticipate a deformity, it is better to just remove the implants and then perform any necessary corrections at 6 to 12 months, once the breasts have assumed a stable appearance.

M.L. Kreidstein, MD

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