Is it ok to have eyelid surgery (laser) twice in the same eye (corrective) in 2 months?


I had upper and lower eyelid laser surgery in July, and in September my doctor did my left eye again because he thought that my eyes were not even yet. I noticed that my eyebrow collapsed after the second surgery, and when I told him, he said that an eyebrow lift would resolve the issue, and he cut the upper line in the brow. Not sure if my doctor overdid it since my eyes are always very dry and not the same anymore. He also kept closing/opening the tear duct and removing some fatty tissue, etc.


From your description , I am not sure what was done exactly. However you say your eyes are dry.

Now you need an in person consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon with full evaluation and full ophthalmic evaluation by an ophthalmologist, including dry eye syndrome.

Obtain all your medical records from previous surgeries for the consultation with the plastic surgeon and ophthalmologist. No more surgery before the consultation.


Wow, you have been through a lot of surgery. Yes, it is time to consider a second option regarding your oculoplastic adventure. Consider a consult with one of the many members of the ASAPS. They are experts in Oculoplastic Surgery.

Best, Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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