Can I do lower eyelid surgery if I had Lasix done twice?


I am considering lower lid eye surgery combined with a full facelift.  I had Lasix surgery twice, once to correct and then an enhancement a year later in 2001.  I have  dry eyes as a result.  My eye doctor tells me I do not have tear production problems.  The incision for the eye surgery would be on the inside with no skin removed - just fat bag problem.  I would also like to have arm liposuction done at the same time.  Is this OK?


You should have no problem with a lower lid eye surgery combined with a full facelift  more than ten years after Lasix.  You should, since you already have dry eyes, expect significant dryness for a month or two.  This is easily handled with lubricants.  After that you should return to your present condition.  The arm liposuction should have no effect on your face, though I would probably recommend doing it at a separate time because of the length of the "full" facelift.


Having lasix ten years ago would not be a significant issue in regards to having a lower eyelid surgery and full facelift. Adding the arm liposuction may increase anesthesia beyond a safe time and probably should be done at a different time.


A prior lasik procedure increases the possibility of dry eye problems after lower lid blepharoplasty so be sure to discuss that with your plastic surgeon. It does not necessarily mean that you can't have the surgery, just something to be aware of. I see no reason why you could not have lipo at the same time.

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