Can a facelift procedure be performed on only one side of the face?


The left side of my face was injured in an assault.  That side of my face is now drooping badly.  Can a facelift be performed on only one side of the face?


The simple answer is yes, you can do a one sided facelift.  However, you should probably have both sides done in order to get better symmetry.  Frequently, if you pull one side tight, you create some asymmetries from the one sided pull.  Therefore, putting equal pressure on both sides of the face is generally the best idea.  The only way to know what you need for sure is with a full consult with a Plastic Surgeon experienced with difficult facelifts.


Yes, facelift procedures are done only on one side, but usually for circumstances like you are describing, with drooping on one side after an injury.

My concern is that you may have facial drooping due to an injury to the facial nerves that control the movement of your face, or the muscle tone that holds up and supports the skin and other soft tissues of your face.  

I suggest that you see a plastic surgeon who is familiar with facial nerve injury and facial paralysis  and facial palsy reconstruction.  Once your concern is fully evaluated the treatment may range form facelift like procedures, fascia suspension, to more complex reconstructive techniques.  

See for more information.

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Ms Markim,

As you know from the prior responses, a unilateral facelift certainly can be done.  Assuming your drooping is purely from your accident, a facelift on one side will improve symmetry.  However, achieving a perfect match is very difficult, if not impossible, so you will need to anticipate this.

If there is evidence of aging on your "normal" side, it would certainly be a consideration to have both sides done at the same time.

If your asymmetry is severe, insurances may even cover such procedures.


Yes, it can be done, but it is usually better to do something on both sides so you have the best opportunity to have symmetry.  Based on your history of trauma, you should consider having a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.   A facelift may or may not be the best operation.

Best of luck!

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Yes, a facelift technique can be applied to just one side of the face.

Actually, this is a well-known technique that is sometimes used for people who have a long-standing facial nerve injury that has caused a droop on the affected side.  There are other options for facial asymmetry issues as well.

Have you been examined to make sure you don't have a facial nerve injury?  See your local plastic surgeon for a consultation.

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Yes, if there is only a problem on one side, then I have performed the correction there.  Your insurance may help pay for this. 

Dr. Ed Domanskis, Newport Beach, CA

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Unilateral Facelift – Is it possible? – In general, it is not recommended to do one side of the facelift only even if it is to correct facial paralysis as this may actually exacerbate the asymmetry.

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