I have a very youthful face but the skin under my chin is starting to sag. Can I get...


I have a very youthful face but the skin under my chin is starting to sag. Can I get it fixed without having a full facelift? Are there any nonsurgical ways to tighten that area?


There are no nonsurgical ways to tighten the skin under the chin. In some cases, liposuction (lipoplasty) and other corrections made through a submental incision (a small incision underneath the chin) may help. However, in other instances, lateral tightening may be needed; it is possible to do so with a partial, or "mini", facelift.


Suture Suspension Necklift


Suture suspension neck lift

In cosmetic surgery patients that do not have a sharp transition in profile between the submental area (area below the jawline) and the anterior neck, and in patients who simply want that transition enhanced, I add a 'suture suspension necklift'. A permanent suture is passed subcutaneously across the anterior neck, at the level corresponding to depth of the angle between the submental area and anterior neck, and is then anchored to the deep soft tissues behind each earlobe. This suspension cosmetic surgery procedure can dramatically enhance the definition between the jawline and anterior neck, producing a more elegant profile.


Neck Shaping – The key with shaping the neck with liposuction is that it only works in certain patients, especially young patients, who have good skin texture and tone and even moderate fat in that area. It is not a substitute for a facelift or for those who have excess skin and lipodystrophy in this area.

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