Do facial exercises work on platysma?


I have received conflicting information on the value of facial exercises on platysma ..banding ie: turkey necks. Some claim it can help but others claim it does not in fact, can even make it worse as you want to relax the muscle, as Botox does. Do facial exercises work on platysma?


Probably not.  Currently thinking holds that facial aging comes mainly from loss of volume of various levels of fat and bone and relaxation of overlying support layers.

Platysma muscle bands are probably caused by relaxation of the fibrous supporting layers around the muscle.  It does not attach firmly to the bottom of the jaw and chin.  Technology is trying to induce tightening from the outside, and surgery is directed at increasing internal support for the lax tissue layers.  It is doubtful that a stronger platysma muscle will stay up unless its support layers are tightened.

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