What facial hyperpigmentation treatment do you recommend?


Hi, Can you please tell me the procedure to treat hyperpigmentation on the nose, chin and face? Are the treatments successful? What would be the cost of treatment? I have UHC insurance, will it be covered?


A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is a great place to start. The exact regimen depends on what you look like at a consultation. I would start with ZO skin care for about 6 weeks minimum to start the skin on the road to healthy appearance and prepare the skin for additional treatments depending on what you needed in my opinion. The options usually being peels or IPL's. 

I have found great success with these regimens. I would suggest you go to ZO skin health website to look at results and find out information. Then, if you like what you see, go to a physician who carries that line. There are many skin care lines out there, but I have been using Dr. Obagi's products for years, and have been very happy with patient satisfaction when the products are used properly. 

I have found that insurance coverage is very difficult unless precancerous lesions are present. The costs of the procedure depends on your local area and which procedure is chosen for you. 

Good luck. 

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