Can I have fat injections done in the hip area?


I am 5'9" and 145 pounds.  I love my body but my hips seem to go out, then in, then out again at the thighs.  I want to fill in what I call "the gap" that is taking away from the figure I want.  I don't want to gain weight to have this done, I just want to have fat injections to fill in this area.  Do you think I have enough fat at my weight to fill in the gap without having to gain extra weight?   


Although it is very possible to do fat transfers from one area of the body to another to improve contours, I would recommend a consult with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to any fat grafting procedure to see if it makes sense in your situation.


Women often have a variable depression between their hips and outer part of their thighs.  The outer silhouette can be improved with liposuction. Bringing the hip and outer thigh areas in and perhaps adding fat to this area are solutions to the situation you are experiencing. 

I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon who is an ASAPS member to discuss how this might be best handled for you. 

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