Will I be fat after liposuction?


Will having liposuction make me fatter as I get older and less able to do physical activities? I have read that the best way to maintain a slimmer figure after liposuction is to maintain healthy weight, diet, and exercise. These are things I certainly can continue while I am still fairly young. As I age, and become less active, will I get fatter because I had liposuction than if I did not have liposuction?


 You are correct. Maintaining your weight as you age will assist in maintaining Body Contouring procedures like Liposuction. Typically extremes of weight gain ( >25 lbs) can result in an alerted appearance. Yes, we certainly change as we age but, Liposuction does not cause weight gain. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Fat Accumulation After Liposuction – Recent studies indicate, fat does not accumulate in other areas significantly after liposuction especially if one does not gain more than 10-15% of your body weight post operatively.

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