Any help with fat around mans Private/Penis area!


I have been having a problem. I still have a lot of fat/skin around my private/penis area. There is so much there that I can't see my penis. If I pull the skin back, I have a good size penis. It is affecting my sex life cause the fat and skin get in the way and I don't like it. Is there any surgery I can get to remove all the fat/skin down there so I can feel like a man again. What would the surgery be called and how much would it cost? I can't find anything online about it.


The surgery is Puboplasty.

The excess fat and skin can be removed. This can be done as a stand alone surgery or in combination with a tummy tuck when needed and indicated.


Dear Miguel,

your problem is well understood, however, there is no magic solution to it. The solution needs to be staged with more than one front. The first stage would be to excise your the excess fat in your lower abdomen if you have one.  The second stage would be to do a liposuction plush lifting of the pubic area. I would not advise to combine this stage with the first one as this would put the scar at an unpredictable position because the abdominal wall skin is larger and stronger that hat of the pubic area and would tend to pull it to a higher position. If you still have a residual problem, then the last stage would be to release the penile dorsal ligament which might be restraining your penile shaft from protruding to the outside.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns in a detailed way. Please chose an ASAPS member for your treatment.


Shady Hayek M.D.

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