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How much fat can be taken from stomach for breasts or buttocks?


I'm about 5'7" and 185 pounds. I'm curious about the fat grafting procedure because I have excess weight in my lower stomach that I'd love to flatten out. My breasts are large B's/small C's and I have a flat buttocks - I'd love to inject my tummy fat into both areas. I'm wondering how flat this procedure can make my stomach, can the fat be injected into both areas to make a noticeable difference and how long the healing process is?


Liposuction of the tummy does not provide 'wow' results.  The fat harvested from there could be injected into you buttocks and breasts if you are accepting of the risks.  The butt and breast can accept considerable amounts of fat where a visible difference should be appreciated.  There are many methods to prep fat grafts so ask your surgeon on what technique is used.  I personally like the "PureGraft' system.  As for healing, you should avoid laying on any grafted areas (sleep on your sides) and if you have preserved the volume after 3 months, you can depend on it to stay.  Activities would be allowed per your surgeon's protocols.

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