Is fat from transfer from stomach to buttocks possible?


I have lost fat in my buttocks and gained it in my stomach. Can we transfer the fat from one place to the other? How much would that cost?


Fat can be removed from any area of the body where there is excess that is not desired and transfer to the buttocks.  Reshaping the areas around the buttock, flanks, lower back can also enhance the results of the fat transfer to the buttocks.


It will depend on the amount of extra fat that you have in the abdominal region and if you are a candidate for a liposuction, so the surgeon can transfer this fat to the buttocks. Sometimes people think that they are good candidates for a lipo, but what they need is a Tummy Tuck, and not all of us perform Lipo in the abdominal wall when doing an abdominoplasty because of the risks. Also the transfered fat can have complications like Absorption, calcificacion or even Necrosis. Try to visit  a real plastic surgeon, member of ASAPS.

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