Can fat be transferred to augment my legs and thighs as well as my buttocks?


I would like to have a fat transfer to my buttocks, but my hips have no curves and I have very thin thighs and legs, really no fat at all.  Besides the buttocks, can fat be transferred to my thighs and legs?  Thank you


Fat can be transferred to most areas of the human body. If you have limited donor sites, then focus in on the area you desire corrected most. Then, seek out a consult to determine if the accentuation from the fat grafting could be achieved.


Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


Fat grafting, while enjoying a boom in attention in the media and heavily marketed as a miracle cure, must be approached with caution as it is not clear yet how much of the fat survives. This may lead to several treatments being required to maximize the end result. If you are very thin, you may not have enough donor sites to fulfill the amount needed to transfer. Knowing that not all of the fat survives, you should consider whether you could have repeat procedures.

J. M. Darrow, MD

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