How can I find the best Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Columbia, SC?


I am a 49 yr old female, non smoker who is considering a facelift. I want to be happy with the results and want to know who has had the best reviews. Help!


 Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for a Facelift can be a difficult and confusing process. To start with look for someone who has the background, training and experience to perform your surgery. Are they a member of the ASAPS? Do they have Hospital privileges to perform the surgery you desire? Is their facility inspected or accredited so, your surgery can be safely performed? Does your facelift surgeon have their actual patients photographs who have had the procedure you desire available for your review? These are some simple background questions about your surgeon and their practice that will guide you to make an informed decision.

 More importantly at 49 years of age is what you do not like about your face and what you expect to be accomplished. Consider writing down the three most important things you do not like ranking them in order of importance. It can be as simple as neck/ neck/ neck. Also, consider taking some old pictures of yourself when you where young with you to the consultation. Often  in older patients the goal is to move back the clock. Knowing the features that made them attractive when they where younger can be of great assistance. In younger patients in can be facial features they have always had but want them changed. For example a small chin or small check bones.

 Hope this is of assistance. 



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Sumter, SC


Facelift in someone your age is a very specialized procedure. Most SMAS facelift procedures (the usual procedure) are too aggressive for most people your age. Therefore, a different type of procedure, such as a short scar, MACS type lift, is generally better. Additionally, these procedures give a much more natural result. See for more information on this type facelift. Also, see Dr. Culbertson's response for more information.


The plastic surgeon with the best reviews may or may not be the best plastic surgeon for you. The ASAPS website is an excellent starting point. Then check the websites of many plastic surgeons to look at their results. Some patients desire a very natural look , while others are interested in a more extreme look.

An experienced plastic surgeon should have many, many before and after images. Each patient should have a photo from the front, the side and from the oblique perspective. In photos the lighting, cropping and distance from the patient should be the same. Consistency in photography can provide insight into a surgeon's attention to detail.

Consider the training, experience and expertise of a plastic surgeon as this varies significantly. Also keep in mind that an excellent plastic surgeon should also have en excellent team including performing surgery in an accredited surgical suite or hospital. 

The decision about whether or not to have plastic surgery is an important one. This process deserves time and attention. Finally, at 49, you may or may not be an ideal candidate for a facelift.  If one ore more surgeons suggest you are not ready for a full facelift, take this to heart.  

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