Is it possible to find pro bono surgeon for a breast reduction?


I am a 5'6" white female with a 34 DD cup size. I only weigh 130 pounds. I have awful neck, rib, and shoulder pain. I can't even sit up straight. My insurance company requires a certain amount to come out, the surgeon I saw said that it would leave me flat chested. I can't afford to pay for the surgery. Are there pro bono surgeons out there for this kind of procedure?


The issue at hand here is the arbitrary decision of the insurance company. The insurance company had arbitrary decided on the amount of breast tissue to be removed as a condition for coverage. There is no scientific evidence to that what so ever. You should take the fight to the insurance company through your state insurance commissioner, office of the attorney general ombudsman for consumer affairs.


This is a common issue that plastic surgeons deal with.  The issue is between you and the insurance company and the plastic surgeon will aid in this process.  You are a powerful voice with you insurance company.  Also, have the human resources at work get involved.Good luck.

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